The dashboard is one of the most effective solutions offered to the users with LeadForce software. Here, you can view many important data about the company from a single screen and access the relevant pages for detailed information when needed. The Dashboard screen consists of three sections:

Call Statistics
The section we have shared above is the section that contains data about the daily number of calls. You can access the relevant pages by clicking on each of the four information screens and finding more detailed information. Also, you can filter this data and report by exporting it in Excel format.

Call Charts
This section of the Dashboard is the section that is divided into three main categories for the calls and presented in chart format. Here, you can view the data on incoming calls, outgoing calls, and missed calls in two different graphics formats.

Weekly Call Duration
In this section, you can view the weekly total duration of incoming and outgoing calls of your company and make a comparison on a weekly scale.